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Disc Golf Rules

Disc Golf Rules

Disc Golf Rules of Play


Below is a brief explanation of the Rules. You can visit the Pdga website for the complete explanation of the rules. You can also watch their 12 part video series below, Rules School.

Game Play:

​The object of Disc golf is to get your Discs inside the disc golf basket in the fewest throws. Each hole has a Tee Box for the Drive, and a target, disc golf basket you throw at. The Disc must come to rest inside the target, to count as a completed hole. You throw each shot from where the previous throw landed.

Each hole begins with the player throwing his or her first drive from within the disc golf tee box. All support points must be inside the tee box at the time of release.

Establish position, mark your lie:

Mark disc at the leading edge of the disc golf disc. Some players choose to not mark, and throw from directly behind the thrown disc.

Completing the Hole:

The hole is complete when the golf disc has come to rest inside the basket.

Here are the official updated Disc Golf videos offered by the PDGA via their new RULES SCHOOL in a 12 part disc golf video series.

Below is an older simpler explanation of the rules by Latitude 64. The basic rules and what you should prepare for, before playing your first disc golf tournament.