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A disc golf disc manufacturer based in Sweden. They have a distribution facility in Colorado. During the 2021 season Discmania announced a split from it’s former partner, Innova Discs. It was time to move on with their own disc golf vision. So they opened their own manufacturing facility in Sweden and then got to work. During this ground breaking move they also had a materials bid for a new plastic blend. This allowed for some competition in search of the latest materials, and a pleasing Italian blend was created. Now, with new plastic, the production runs could begin. First up in the new production line was the MD3 C-Line mid range driver. Nice glide and zero turn, this disc will surely become a must have for many disc golf bags. The feel of this disc is indeed sweet.

Discmania’s mission statement: Is to accelerate the evolution of disc golf by delivering exciting, high quality products and experiences to passionate people around the World. So, our mission is to make disc golf a global sport by taking it into a new country every year.

Discmania’s Motto: Reinvent Your game

Discmania Disc Golf

Discmania Disc Golf Discs

C Line – MD-3, MD-1, PD, FD, DD3

D Line – P1 flex 2, P2 flex 1

S Line

Creator Series

Eagle McMahon – Cloud Breaker 4 Creator series Swirl S-Line DD3, Glow D-Line Rainmaker flex3

Signature Series

Simone Lizotte – TILT, Sky God, Mind Bender C-Line MD1

Eagle McMahon – Razor Claw 3 Special Blend Tactic, Iron Samurai 4 Color Glow C-Line MD3,

Niklas Anttila – Nordic Phenom Special Blend S-Line PD

Kyle Klein – Midnight Prowl 2, Meta Origin

Special Edition Lux Instinct, Forge Instinct (Mystery Box), Metal Flake C-Line FD (ACS Fundraiser), Special Edition Tactic

Drivers – Enigma, , Instinct, Astronaut, Rockstar

Mid Range – Method, Origin, MD3

Putters – P2, P1, Link, Artic Fang, Shogun Glow

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